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Pioneering Oxfordshire’s Cyber & Tech Community

Uniting Minds, Driving Innovation

Welcome to OxCyber, the dynamic non-profit organisation at the forefront of Oxfordshire’s burgeoning cyber security and technology landscape. Established with a mission to unite the brightest minds in tech and cyber, OxCyber aims to cultivate a thriving cyber security ecosystem in the region. Nestled in the heart of Oxfordshire, home to prestigious institutions like Oxford University, OxCyber stands as a prime hub for cyber expertise.

Our Mission

OxCyber is dedicated to being a leading Cyber Community and a prominent member meetup networking group in Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley region. Our primary objective is to serve as a hub for technical innovation, collaboration, and networking within the local tech and cyber security community. We are committed to elevating communication, fostering collaboration, and promoting meaningful discourse among professionals.

What We Do

OxCyber hosts a variety of events, both online and in person, featuring presentations from local cyber and tech companies. From technical meetups and Capture The Flag (CTF) events to free business clinics for start-ups and SMEs, we offer a diverse range of opportunities for collaboration. Our virtual hub, the OxCyber website, will provide a network and directory of trusted local companies, individuals, and contacts to support and guide new ventures in the area.

Why OxCyber?

Oxfordshire is a thriving center for cyber security in the UK, boasting knowledge, innovative companies, start-ups, and exceptional cyber talent. With the government’s increasing focus on cyber security and various national and local cyber initiatives, OxCyber plays a vital role in bringing together stakeholders to meet, collaborate, grow, and prosper.

Our Community

OxCyber events are open to anyone with an interest in cyber security, and our core audience includes local technology and cyber security professionals, industry leaders, technical thought leaders, information security professionals, and students. We also welcome a thriving community of angel investors and venture capitalists eager to discover the next big breakthrough in the sector.

Monthly Online Meetings and Quarterly In-person Meetings

We believe in the power of face-to-face interactions. That’s why OxCyber hosts monthly online meetings and quarterly in-person meetings, creating opportunities for meaningful connections and collaborations.

Collaborations with the Wider Cyber Network

OxCyber is actively collaborating with the wider cyber network, forming partnerships with organisations such as the South East Resilience Centre, local government entities, Thames Valley Police, and educational institutions. These collaborations aim to strengthen the local tech and cyber community, extending support to the entire Oxfordshire and Thames Valley region.

Our Values

OxCyber is driven by industry professionals and specialists, dedicated to elevating the local area, sharing innovative ideas, and contributing to the community’s growth. Our core values revolve around passion for security, community collaboration, inclusivity, and nationwide impact. Together, we’re committed to advancing cybersecurity for a resilient digital future.

  1. Passion for Security and Resilience: We are driven by a deep passion for advancing information security and resilience in our region, recognising their critical importance in the digital age.
  2. Community Collaboration: We believe in the power of collaboration and actively work with local organisations, businesses, and academic institutions to strengthen cybersecurity measures collectively.
  3. Inclusivity and Diversity: Our commitment extends to bridging the skills gap and fostering diversity in the cybersecurity workforce. We actively promote training and learning opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds.
  4. Nationwide Impact: As a bridge to the UK Cyber Security Forum, we extend our reach beyond our region to connect local specialists with a national network, promoting knowledge sharing and fortifying cybersecurity efforts on a broader scale.

Sponsorship Opportunities

As an Event Sponsor, you have the opportunity to enhance these conversations by offering additional resources. Sponsoring an OxCyber event provides numerous benefits, including brand recognition, industry engagement, and online exposure. We offer various sponsorship options to accommodate organisations of different sizes and priorities, all contributing to the success of our events.

Get Involved

If you share our passion for advancing cyber security and technology in Oxfordshire, OxCyber welcomes your organisation. Together, we can create a thriving cyber community and explore new horizons in this ever-evolving field.

For sponsorship inquiries or to learn more about OxCyber, please contact Rebecca or one of our team at [email protected].

Join OxCyber on this exciting journey as we shape the future of cyber security and technology in Oxfordshire!