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Welcome to OxCyber, your hub for nurturing the growth and development of individuals, SME’s and organisations within the thriving cyber technology ecosystem of Oxfordshire & Thames Valley.

OxCyber connects cybersecurity industry professionals, cyber talent, local SMEs, and startups with knowledge, advice, services, and networking opportunities, all aimed at securing their digital assets and propelling their success.

As an independent Community Interest Company, we reinvest profits to ensure ongoing support for the local cyber community. Join us in making a lasting impact on Oxfordshire & Thames Valley’s cyber sector.


What We Offer

At OxCyber, we offer a comprehensive range of resources and opportunities designed to enhance the growth and development of individuals, SMEs, and organisations within the vibrant cyber technology ecosystem of Oxfordshire & Thames Valley. Our offerings include:

Cybersecurity Industry Connections

We connect cybersecurity industry professionals, creating a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking.

Networking Opportunities

We facilitate networking events, workshops, and forums to help individuals and organizations build meaningful connections within the local cyber community.

Talent Development

OxCyber supports cyber talent by providing guidance, training, and mentorship to enhance their skills and career prospects.

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+44 203 916 5991

Merchant House, 5 East St Helen Street, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 5EG

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